Baler Accessories

At Ancove we stock an extensive range of baler accessories including baler wire, strapping and twine. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us for a quote.

We offer next day delivery on all stocked accessories before 3pm. We can help you choose the most suitable product to suit your needs and ensure that you get the best accessories at the best price.

All accessories are suitable to use with both Ancove and all other branded balers.


Strapping for BalersStrapping can be used with balers depending on machine type and application and can offer an alternative to baling twine. This cost-effective product easily secures baled waste.

  • Available in 3 sizes; 9mm, 13mm and 16mm
  • An alternative to baling twine
  • Can be used with other branded balers

Baling Twine

Twine for BalersThis more traditional way of baling waste can be used with balers depending on machine type and offers an alternative to strapping.

  • Available in 3 colours
  • An alternative to strapping
  • Can be used with other branded balers

Coiled Baling Wire

Baling Wire for BalersThis method of baling waste provides a strong way of baling waste depending on machine type. Baling wire offers a cost-effective and robust solution to secure heavy baled waste. Available in both long bundles of cut and looped wire and coiled baling wire. The cut and looped wire is available in a variety of dimensions suitable for a wide range of balers.

  • Available in long bundles and coils
  • Ideal for baling heavy waste
  • Manufactured from high quality steel

Twine Hook and Twine Fork

Twine Hook and ForkThe twine hook and fork is ideal when using baling twine. The twine hook enables twine to be brought from the back of the baler to the front and the twine fork is useful when feeding twine back into the machine.

  • Ideal when using baling twine
  • Can be used with other branded balers
  • Easy to use aid when baling

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