Change the Way You Think About Waste

Save Money

It's a simple question that every business should be asking..."Why should I spend up to 5% of my turnover on getting rid of my waste?" The answer is, you shouldn't... Install waste recycling and disposal equipment such as one of our baling machines or compactors and not only will you reduce your waste disposal costs, you could even end up making money from your waste!

Save the Environment

Think it's too much hassle to recycle? Think again. If you regularly dispose of cardboard, paper, metals or plastic a baler will make your life easier and more profitable. For a start you'll find it easier to separate your waste using Ancove machines, and with less bulk to transport, you'll reduce your costs too. Secondly, if you're struggling to find a local recycler to take your waste, baling it with an Ancove baler will make it a much more attractive proposition. But don't worry we can even help you find a trusted local contractor, so improving your recycling rates will be a walk in the park. 

Save Mess

As your Health and Safety Officer is no doubt fond of telling you, overflowing bags of rubbish and piles of cardboard are not just an expense to get rid of, they can also be a health and safety hazard. Installing a compactor and baler could help keep the H&S officer off your back by keeping walkways and exits clear of rubbish, reducing the risk of fire and minimising any manual handling of waste. It's a win, win situation all round! 

If you sometimes feel as if you need a legal degree to keep up to date on the latest Waste Regulations, Directives and Guidance notes then help is at hand. Using plain english and a large amount of common sense, we'll help you to understand what you need to do to ensure your legal compliance. Our simple guides will explain what impact the Landfill Directive and Waste Management Regulations 2011 really have on your business and, more importantly, how you can make sure you're on the right side of the law without spending a fortune.

Save Time

Why spend time flattening and dismantling cardboard boxes when an Ancove baler can do it for you.

At Ancove we specialise in the rental and ongoing maintenance of compactors and balers. We know that once you have a machine on site, it will become such an important part of your daily life that we offer pro-active servicing via our nationwide team of trained engineers. This scheduled service will help to keep your waste equipment in tip-top condition and avoid costly and troublesome breakdowns. You could say that even if it ain't broke, we'll fix it!

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