Pub, Restaurant, Nightclub and Bar Solutions

Pubs, restaurants, nightclubs and bars are naturally large waste producers. Many such sites struggle with yard space to store waste before collection, and adding in the issue of health and safety, waste management can become a minefield.

Ancove balers and compactors are designed to keep waste neat and tidy on site, helping to prevent trips and falls, maximise the space you have available, reduce manual handling and minimise the threat of pest infestation. Ultimately though, our waste handling solutions save the pub, restaurant, nightclub and bar industries money on waste disposal.

Installing a waste baler will enable you to make money from your waste!

Baled cardboard, paper, plastic and metal is of high value to recyclers, and they are likely to pay for your waste. So why pay to have it taken away as rubbish when you can sell it!

Waste compactors simply reduce the volume of your waste, often up to 90%! This means fewer bins, fewer collections and therefore less cost to you.

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