Waste Handling Equipment for the Food Manufacturing Sector

Many food manufacturers have benefited from the installation of waste balers and compactors from Ancove. Not only will they help reduce your waste disposal costs, they'll also help keep your waste neat and tidy, removing a potential health and safety hazard.

By segregating your recyclable waste into a baler (cardboard, plastics, paper, metals) you will not only reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill, but also possibly even sell your baled recyclables.

Installing a compactor will reduce the amount of waste bins and collections you need, saving you money right away. A waste compactor simply compresses your waste, meaning it takes up less space in your bins. You might even be able to make better use of your outdoor space, by reducing the number of waste bins on site.

What you can expect from an Ancove baler and compactor:

  • Reduce your waste disposal costs
  • Make money from your recyclable waste
  • Keep waste neat and tidy on your site
  • Reduce risk of trips and falls
  • Reduce risk of pest infestation
  • Improve recycling rates
  • Reduce manual handling

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