Hospitality Sector

We all know the hospitality sector depends on the provision of good customer service. To do so, you must ensure that staff can focus on the customer, rather than managing waste, keeping overheads down to a minimum.

Ancove waste handling equipment is designed to help businesses in the hospitality sector manage their waste efficiently, safely and in compliance with waste legislation.

Ancove waste handling equipment benefits

  • Reduce Landfill Tax costs
  • Recycle more of your waste
  • Make money from your baled waste
  • Help work towards your ISO 14001 accreditation

We know you need to keep your premises in the Hospitality sector clean and tidy, to present your customers with a good impression. As such, our balers and compactors can provide you with a simple solution.

Rather than piles of cardboard boxes and loose plastic wrapping, which can present a fire or pest risk, baled waste becomes a commodity. Instead of being a burden on your business, your waste can be a valuable source of income.

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