Hotel Sector

Hotels naturally produce large amounts of waste, across various waste streams. Add to that the effect of events such as conferences and weddings, and the waste disposal demands on a hotel can be high.

So why not find out how Ancove can help you manage your waste?

Our range of waste balers and compactors are ideal for reducing waste disposal costs at hotels. With a variety of different sizes of equipment available, we can find the perfect solution for your site, and your waste management needs.

  • reduce the number of costly (and unsightly!) bins and collections you need
  • keep your bin area neat and tidy by baling and compacting your waste
  • sell baled cardboard and plastic to earn extra revenue
  • team of engineers on call to keep your machine in working order

The first impressions of a hotel are vitally important to the success of that business. Balers and compactors provide a great solution to the mess that can be created at busy periods. Reduce piles of cardboard boxes and loose plastic wrapping into neat bales. A clean and tidy yard is less attractive to vermin.

Limited space? We have small machines to suit even the smallest yard, particularly in town and city centre Hotels.

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