Waste Compactors and Crushers

PHS Wastekit waste compactors offer businesses and organisations a great way of saving money on their waste disposal.

By using high pressure to compact your waste in a safe manner, you will be able to fit more waste in your wheelie bins, pay less for waste collections, and also free up some space on your site because you won't need so many bins!

Benefits of compacting your waste

Much general non-recyclable waste takes up a lot of space, trapping air in your bins. And, as most waste collection companies charge per bin collection, the less bins you have the less you'll pay.

Bin or Bag Compactors

5030 Bag Compactor

This bag compactor is a small and compact unit, specifically for the crushing of waste, to reduce the size of the waste bag. Once the bag is then placed into a wheeled bin, it takes up less space and is therefore ideal for improving the capacity of the waste bin.

Ideal for:

  • Low to medium waste producers
  • General non-recyclable waste
  • Offices with canteens
  • Small hotels, pubs and restaurants
  • Small retailers
  • Sites with limited space

4110 Bin Compactor

This bin compactor is designed to fit a wheeled bin. The bin is wheeled into place and the crushing plate compacts the waste within, without having to remove it from the container.

This increases the capacity of the waste bin in a safe way.

Ideal for:

  • Medium to large quantities of non-recyclable waste
  • Sites with wheelie bins
  • Large offices
  • Medium to large retailers
  • Manufacturing sites
  • Medium to large hotels, pubs and restaurants
  • Leisure facilities

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