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Balers, Compactors and Shredders Save €€€€'s

A waste baler or compactor from Ancove can really help you save money, save space and can help you improve your recycling rates.

Most companies agree that waste disposal responsibilities are becoming increasingly costly and complex. With Ancove’s range of waste balers and compactors, as well as experienced help and support it needn’t be like this...  With over 30 years experience in the Irish waste market, Ancove provide carefully tailored solutions to fit any need.

Ancove is also proud to be the sole Irish distributor of the first class range of EBA Shredders and Guillotines for shredding your confidential office waste paper on-site. This process ensures the safe and secure destruction of your confidential documents, ready for recycling.

To find out more about our range of waste handling equipment and how we can help your company reduce the burden of waste, please call us on (01) 4659670 or email 


Ancove can help you...

Save a Bundle

Our balers and compactors could save you up to 90% or even turn your waste into a revenue stream

Support Recycling

Waste Balers can help you implement a simple and cost-effective recycling scheme that works for your business

Legal Compliance

Ancove can help you implement a straightforward and cost-effective recycling policy, thereby ensuring your legal compliance with the EU Landfill Directive

Efficiency and Safety

Balers and Compactors create a tidier and safer working environment for organisations who produce a large amount of waste.