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With rents rising, is now the perfect time to consider waste compactors and balers?

The recent reports of rent levels continuing the rise in London will not be a surprise to many. Over the past few years, rental rates have continued to grow although by how much depends upon which source you go to for your data. What isn't under dispute is the fact that rents are indeed increasing, and many people doubt there will be any change to this in the near future. With companies and businesses continuing to feel the squeeze from increased costs, there is more need than ever to find a way to reduce expenditure on a monthly basis.

Reducing rent vital in face of price increases

Rent can be a company's biggest expense, so if prices continue to rise, it could have a huge effect on your cash flow. In the face of rising bills, the smartest thing to do is to look at ways of cutting costs. Considering rent is probably one of your biggest outgoings, it makes sense to look at ways of bringing the cost of it down. A reduction in rent could free up more cash than any other action you take, so it's important that you consider all the options. You might not think that it is possible to reduce your rent. After all, there is only so much that it is possible for you to downsize. You still need a certain level of space to ensure that you can operate your business as effectively as possible, not to mention complying with all the relevant work environment and health and safety laws and regulations. However, there could be aspects of your operations that you haven't considered. You may not have realised it, but changing the way you deal with waste could reduce your need for space.


Use compactors and balers to reduce the size of your waste storage

Waste takes up space, and requires storage, albeit temporarily. The less room your waste takes up, the more chance you have to be able to find a smaller premises. Compactors and balers are the perfect solution to this problem, and could drastically reduce the amount of space your waste takes up. By crushing waste and baling it, the amount of space it takes up can be drastically reduced. This means your storage requirements can be reduced by a great deal, as recyclable waste can be stored more easily and more waste can be fitted into fewer bins.


Talk to PHS Wastekit about using compactors and balers to reduce your space requirements

Compacting your waste also has financial benefits, as fewer bins means that the cost of getting your waste disposal can be reduced. In the current climate, where businesses are constantly struggling against the rising costs of operating, any opportunity that provides a real chance to save money should be carefully considered. Taking into account the fact that compactors and balers offer two ways of saving, it really is worth talking to PHS Wastekit today.